Kim Seung-seop is the new Jeju United weapon.

Jeju is struggling at the beginning of the season. The main axes suffered line injuries and suffered a blow to power. It was even more disappointing because key resources such as Joo Min-gyu had left. Due to the club’s aggressive marketing, the number of spectators has noticeably increased, but there is no win in five matches. With 2 draws and 3 losses, they are in 12th place, the lowest. It’s the exact opposite of what fans expected before the season.

What’s encouraging is that Kim Seung-seop is showing his presence even in a bad situation. Kim Seung-seop was famous as a one-club man in Daejeon. He has been active since Daejeon Citizen, a civil club, and remained even when he changed to Daejeon Hana Citizen, a corporate club, and left behind achievements such as helping the team promote last season. His quick feet and breakthroughs are impressive, but recently he has been evaluated even better for his decision-making power.

He was expected to stay in Daejeon, but he chose to challenge himself in Jeju. Even before the season, the possibility of being used as a wingback was raised, but it was somewhat unsuitable for Kim Seung-seop, who had been playing as a winger all along. For the reason of adapting to the new team and the right position, after the opening, he mainly played as a substitute. Kim Seung-seop, who warmed up, participated in the Ulsan Hyundai match as a starter and raged.

stood out the most. The Ulsan defense, which boasts the best defense in the K-League 1 when it catches the ball and runs, also struggled. After running like a beast, he threatened by finishing. Jeju actively utilized Kim Seung-seop. It was so-called ‘run Kim Seung-seop!’ With the overall line on the defensive side and Yuri in the forefront with the center of gravity behind, he sent the ball to Kim Seung-seop during a counterattack. 토토사이트

Kim Seung-seop’s destructive power was considerable. According to the K-League’s official supplementary data provider ‘BPro Eleven’, he made all three shots into valid shots, and recorded two key passes, two successful dribbles, and two successful crosses. He also scored 7.2 points, the highest among Jeju players. The result ended with Ulsan’s 3-1 victory, but Kim Seung-seop’s influence gave coach Nam Ki-il a great boost.

It was somewhat frustrating to watch the Jeju attack, but the air changed when Kim Seung-seop, who had a cool breakthrough ability, came. In the future, Kim Seung-seop will lead Jeju’s flank attack.

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