Han Seung-taek (29, KIA) is one of the most noteworthy players in the KIA ahead of this season.

After free agent (FA) Park Dong-won transferred, KIA, which tried to recruit a new catcher, eventually decided to make a starter among the existing young catchers. Han Seung-taek, the most experienced, is at the forefront.

Han Seung-taek, who made his debut at Hanwha in 2013, has played 520 games for 7 years at KIA since 2016. Although he was a backup, he worked closely with ace Yang Hyeon-jong as an almost dedicated catcher, and also started the Korean series. Among KIA’s young catchers, he was always considered ‘number one’.

But he has a new catcher when he gets every chance. In 2017, Kim Min-sik came, and last year, Park Dong-won came. The catcher position, which was pointed out as KIA’s weakness, was vacant again this year. And this time, Han Seung-taek is preparing for the season with the most attention for the first time in his 11th year of debut.

Han Seung-taek, who completed the first field training in Arizona, USA, said, “I have never been frustrated by the arrival of a new catcher. He thought I needed another catcher because I wasn’t good enough. Of course, it was regrettable, but since I am a pro, I have to admit it, and instead, I thought I should work hard to go up that much.” He laughed, saying, “I came to the 8th spring camp in the garage of 11 years, and he is the most athletic among them.”

In an era when offensive catchers were highly regarded, the KIA catcher’s weakness was offensive power. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk advised, “Don’t be too stressed by hitting,” but Han Seung-taek, who has a chance to start, is preparing with a slightly different mindset than before.

Han Seung-taek said, “I can move quickly while sitting, but I think I lack speed in hitting, so I am preparing for a good swing. I increased the weight before the camp and did a lot of training in various ways, including balance and speed exercises.”

He has a lot to do if he gets to play as the starting catcher. He has many things he wants to try.

Han Seung-taek said, “I always prepared by focusing on defense, but this is the first time he started with a batting target. I have a batting average goal set, but I want to talk about it after achieving it during the season.” He laughed, saying, “I will try not only to stop batting average, home runs, and stolen bases, but also to steal bases so that I can go one more base.” 바카라

Among the catchers that KIA is trying to foster internally, Han Seung-taek is by far the most advanced in terms of experience. He has played a lot of big games and can play calmly. He is also the most senior of the catchers. He has an important season ahead that will decide his baseball life, but Han Seung-taek is calmly managing his mind and going through the camp.

Han Seung-taek said, “For me, every year has been an opportunity. At my age, I’ve accumulated this much experience as a catcher, so I think it’s a better opportunity now. Because he has failed many times, he is not afraid of failing again. I prepared that hard,” he said. “I will continue to work hard without being chased or lazy. I will try to make it a career high season without getting injured.”

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