Tottenham is having a really difficult season.

Tottenham’s back-to-back defeats against favorites Arsenal and Manchester City recently pushed them completely out of contention for the top four. Since there are still half of the league left, there is a possibility of a double battle drama like last season, but it is true that it is difficult in reality.

Last season, the atmosphere was revived with the arrival of manager Antonio Conte, but the atmosphere around manager Conte is gloomy now. This is because the possibility of leaving the team is being raised as manager Conte refuses to renew the contract one after another. Even the next candidates, such as Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino, are being discussed. Conte’s contract now has only about five months left. It is not easy for the team to run properly when the coach’s future is in jeopardy.

The future of manager Fabio Paratici, who brought Conte, suddenly turned dark. It is a crisis triggered by the financial corruption caused by Juventus. In an accounting investigation that began in 2021, Juventus raised allegations that it had created a large amount of capital gains by inflating transfer fees in the process of transferring players, as well as allegations of manipulating accounting books and listing false facts. 카지노사이트

Juventus denies the allegation, but Paratici, who was a key figure at the time, is also accused of complicity. The Italian Football Association has already given Paratici a 30-month suspension of qualification. Currently, Tottenham is checking whether the disposition of the Italian Football Association applies outside of Italy. If he is unable to work outside of Italy, Paratici will not be able to work at Tottenham.

It is not only the club’s leadership that is shaken. Tottenham are also in danger of losing key Harry Kane. Currently, the atmosphere is forming for Kane to leave the team. Reports continue to emerge that Manchester United are moving to sign Kane. Accompaniment with Kane is scheduled to end at the end of next season. Tottenham will definitely try to renew the contract, but if there is no possibility of winning, it is very unlikely that Kane will sign a new contract.

Director Conte, general manager Paratici and even Kane are all indispensable figures at Tottenham. If all three leave at the end of this season, Tottenham is likely to fall into a big crisis.

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