About three weeks before the FIFA U20 World Cup, Kim Eun-joong began to cover the last stone. Nothing has been decided yet. Manager Kim Eun-joong emphasized high concentration and tension until the end, saying that the door is open to all players.

The U-20 national team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, was convened at Paju NFC on the afternoon of the 1st to begin final training. This training continues until the 5th, with Bucheon FC on the 3rd and Sungkyunkwan University on the 5th.

On the first day of training, 22 out of the 25 who were convened this time, excluding three, Choi Seok-hyeon, Moon Min-seo, and Jeong Jae-sang (above Dankook University) participated.

The tournament is approaching in three weeks, but the elite members have not been summoned. Until 15 days before the opening of the U-20 World Cup, according to the national team convocation rules that prioritize their team’s participation in the game, the convocation of each team’s key players, such as Kang Seong-jin (Seoul), Kim Ji-su (Seongnam), and Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon), was canceled.

Also, Lee Hyun-joo, who is active in Bayern Munich’s second team, could not join because of a knee injury. If Lee Hyun-joo’s injury improves, he will be joining Argentina, where the World Cup will be held.

As the World Cup finals are three weeks away, the national team was tense from the first training session. As coach Kim Eun-joong said before training, “I am personally well prepared for the U-20 World Cup as it is an important match, and I plan to build a team with players who have a clear sense of purpose.”

In particular, Lee Ji-han from Freiburg, Germany, returned home that day and immediately changed into training clothes and showed enthusiasm for the training ground.

Kim Eun-joong plans to improve his game stamina and game sense by concentrating on improving his physical strength for five days, starting with the first training day. 토토사이트

Coach Kim said, “Among the list called up this time, there are many players who cannot play for their team. Therefore, we plan to hold two practice games to improve our game stamina and senses.” Through practice games, we plan to enhance the players’ sense of the game.”

Head coach Kim Eun-joong plans to finalize the 21 players who will advance to the World Cup finals after the practice game against Sungkyunkwan University on the 5th. There is also the possibility that a few more people will join in addition to the final roster.

An official from the national team said, “Considering the number of injured people, we are considering whether to bring additional people to Argentina.” According to FIFA regulations, only injured players can be replaced in the final entry 24 hours before the first game.

The players included in the final list will be convened on the afternoon of the 6th and will depart on the afternoon of the 7th. The players on the final list plan to take profile photos and interview at Paju NFC.

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