Manchester City and Arsenal replay?

The 2022/23 season England FA Cup Round of 32 begins. It is a competition established from the 1871/72 season, and it is the oldest soccer competition currently held on the planet.

Teams belonging to higher leagues focus on winning to boost their mood and boost their confidence. The lower league teams challenge through Giant Killing.

Tottenham Hotspur face Preston North End. I remember that we played against each other in the League Cup in 2009 and won 5-1.

Tottenham recently escaped a losing streak against Fulham, but they are trying to win in the official game. Son Heung-min is also taking part and is drawing attention to whether he will use a scorer to change the atmosphere.

The most eye-catching match is the match between Man City and Arsenal. Teams placed 1st and 2nd in the league meet and compete for tickets to the round of 16. 슬롯사이트

In this situation, the British media ’90min’ presented a forecast for the FA Cup round of 32 major matches.

Tottenham thrashed Preston 2-0, and Manchester United predicted a 3-0 win over Reading.

Liverpool, who are in crisis in ninth place in the league, expected to be eliminated early with a 1-2 defeat to Brighton Albion.

The match between Man City and Arsenal was expected to be replayed after a 2-2 draw.

In the FA Cup, there is a rule that if the result is a draw, a replay is played without going into extra time.

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