Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has been criticized.

Tottenham and manager Conte signed a relationship in November 2021. After that, they began a beautiful journey while drawing an upward curve.

Tottenham’s ranking, which had fallen to 9th, met manager Conte and jumped to 4th, winning a ticket to the Champions League.

However, this season is not well-received due to inconsistent content and results. In particular, he fell into a swamp of sluggishness, such as getting caught in a game against an opponent he had to catch.

In particular, Tottenham’s early elimination from the Champions League stage, which returned after three seasons, damaged his pride properly.

“I see some selfish players,” Conte said. Tottenham also made a bombshell remark, saying, “Why didn’t Tottenham get anything from the same owner system for 20 years?”

This led to the shocking news that Tottenham players want manager Conte to leave the team.

It is known that Tottenham is weighing the separation in a situation where the contract with coach Conte expires at the end of this season. 바카라사이트

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Coach Conte is in a dangerous situation. The Tottenham players also think that a breakup is only a matter of time, and they expect to be guided by a new command tower next season.”

“There is a pattern in Conte’s behavior,” he said.

“This is not the first time Conte has criticized the owner and the players. It was the same with the previous team. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cut,” he added.

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