Cheonan City FC, a new K-League 2 team, will go on an expedition to Gyeongnam FC on the 29th.

Cheonan City is preparing for its first victory of the season in the 10th round of the Hana Bank K-League 2 2023 held at the Changwon Soccer Center. As the fans’ unchanging support continues, the desire for the first win is also great.

Cheonan City broke the vicious cycle of a long losing streak by drawing 1-1 against Ansan Greeners in the last eight rounds. However, the fact that they have not won since the start of the season has not changed.

The losing streak has stopped, but the draw continues, so we need a win to soothe the fans and restore their confidence. Cheonan City, who got a chance to rest in the ninth round of the league, prepared for the match against Gyeongnam while recharging their stamina.

The opposing team, Gyeongnam, is in a completely different position from Cheonan City. Since the start of the regular season, they have been undefeated with 4 wins and 4 draws. The score is the highest in the league (15 goals), and the number of goals allowed is the lowest in the league (6 goals). Contrary to Cheonan City, which has the lowest score (4 goals) and the 2nd most conceded goals (19 goals). Looking at the record alone, Cheonan City’s inferiority is expected.

However, the important point is that fans continue to support and support the team and players even when Cheonan City’s first victory is far away. On the 24th, the team was able to confirm the support of the fans through the time of conversation with the fans, which was held for the first time after switching to a professional team. 크크크벳

The fans said in unison, “Even if we lose the game, don’t bow or shrink, and communicate more actively with the fans. It’s a pity that the first victory is delayed, but the fans will cheer for the players.” Cheonan City fans are planning to go to Changwon, where the match is held against Gyeongnam, to support the away team.

Defender Kim Joo-heon, who heard the support from the fans, said, “I am really grateful to the fans who always support me even if I lose the game. It was difficult to give it. I will definitely play a winning game so that I can meet the fans more happily,” he said, reaffirming his determination against Gyeongnam. 

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