The K-League is angry. Because of the Korea Football Association.

At the K-League stadium held over the weekend, fans who were angry at the association’s attempt to pardon match-fixers continued to protest.

In the match between Daejeon Hana Citizen and FC Seoul held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 1st, Daejeon supporters posted banners such as ‘resignation of the manager, calling for reform of the livestock cooperative’, ‘Football Association like a family’, and ‘Chukhyeop who killed Daejeon fans twice are involved in match-fixing’. reprimanded the association.

During the game, he even shouted “Come to your senses!” Seoul supporters, the visiting team, also said, ‘KFA sees even dead cancer again’, ‘Raised eye level? They protested by carrying hanging hangings with phrases such as ‘cooperatives in the well’ and ‘someone’s dream as a gift to the manipulators’.

Similar banners could be seen at other stadiums. In the match held at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, a Gangwon FC supporter hung up a banner that read the list of 100 people eligible for amnesty and shouted, “Come to your senses!”

The professional soccer world is indignant at the association’s attempt to pardon match-fixers. From the beginning, the Korea Professional Football Federation expressed its intention to oppose the amnesty, and the secretary-general, a member of the board of directors, directly worried or warned that the amnesty decision could cause a big wave.

Nevertheless, the association pushed ahead with the amnesty and faced a headwind. An unprecedented situation occurred in which not only soccer fans but also the general public and even politicians pointed their fingers at the association’s decision. It was a ‘best ever’ futility.

This incident is no coincidence. The association has been shunned by the football world in recent years.

The biggest reason is ‘loss of empathy’. The association is an organization in charge of the overall flow of Korean football. In addition to representative A, he is in charge of all areas of football, including professional, amateur, and youth.

However, the recent association is going ‘my way’, ignoring the grievances and difficulties in each field. The conflict with college football is representative, and it is criticized for not being able to coordinate various interests.

Most of this comes from the association’s unsympathetic attitude. An irresponsible ‘I can’t help it’ expression is fundamental. They do not consider the position of stakeholders or victims, so there is a lack of consideration in all decision-making.

The same goes for this case. I did not accurately anticipate the criticism that this decision would face because I was buried in protecting my family without considering the position of the victim, professional football.

The professional soccer world still remembers the pain of match fixing. The scars of that time remain in a corner of the hearts of not a few fans. Even in 2018, Lee Han-saem received a match-fixing offer and reported it to the federation, and in 2020, just three years ago, a suspect match-fixing came out.

Professional football is not a safe zone for match fixing. Only the association ignores the story that everyone knows.

This is not a problem unique to Chairman Chung Mong-gyu. The role of other executives is also bound to come on the cutting board. Even when Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo worked as executive director, the soccer world repeated the pattern of eventually entering a suture phase despite various conflicts. 메이저사이트

At the time, coach Hong soothed public sentiment in the soccer world with an attitude of listening to opinions and narrowing the gap when conflicts occurred. Even if he couldn’t solve the problem right away, he minimized the conflict by trying to reflect the voice of the field as much as possible. Then and now, the president is the same person.

The association should look back at this realm of empathy. We have properly confirmed what happens when the top-level soccer organization handles work without consideration and empathy. This is something that not only Chairman Chung but also other executives should be reminded of.

Not just the football world, but today’s society requires empathy from leaders. Organizations that ignore the spirit of the times cannot gain public support.

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