‘Welcome back NC Dinos!’

A billboard like this is erected in front of the Reid Park baseball field in Tucson, Arizona, USA, the spring camp site of the NC Dinos.

NC has been using Raid Park as a spring camp since its establishment in 2013. To the extent that the club even invests in the construction of a warehouse to provide space for a lot of training equipment. Arizona is where pro-ama teams from all over the United States visit to spend the winter, but in Tucson, which has nothing to offer compared to the city near Phoenix, NC was a ‘precious guest’ contributing to the development of the local commercial district through off-season training.

However, NC and Tucson had to say goodbye for the past two years. Due to the outbreak of Corona 19, NC could not find Tucson for two consecutive years (2021-2022). Other teams in the United States used the training facility, but it was nothing compared to NC, which spends a considerable amount of money while staying in Tucson for more than a month of camp. This is why NC, who came to Tucson as the overseas training route reopened due to Corona 19, which was close to the end, is a reason why Tucson is bound to be happy. 안전놀이터 An official from the NC club conveyed the atmosphere, saying, “We have maintained a good relationship from before, but this year it seems that we are receiving a particularly warm welcome.”

A new picture has also been added to the signboard of the Raid Park. This is the integrated champion logo of NC, which won both the regular league and the Korean Series in 2020. NC has attracted attention in the United States because of the KBO League, which was broadcast in the wake of Corona 19 that season when it became the unified champion. It was appealing to use the same team name as the abbreviation of North Carolina in the eastern United States and to use a rare dinosaur as a mascot in the major leagues.

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