Cristiano Ronaldo cheered and applauded the wonderful goal scene of his new teammates. However, none of his fellow players could hear Ronaldo’s applause. Because it was the applause he gave while riding his training bike alone in the locker room. Although Ronaldo moved to Al Nasr, he did not even get on the bench in his first match.

The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 7th (Korean time) that ‘When Ronaldo failed to play in the first game after the transfer of Al Nasr, he took off his shirt and rode a practice bike to cheer for his teammates’ goal scene’. Ronaldo recently moved to Saudi Arabia Al Nasr. He stopped the contract with Manchester United and left for Saudi Arabia for a whopping 175 million pounds (about 267 billion won).

However, Ronaldo has yet to make his debut for Al Nasr. Originally expected to play in the match against Altai in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo did not even get on the bench and had to watch his teammates play while riding a training bike in the locker room. The reason is because of the punishment hanging on Ronaldo. Ronaldo hit a boy fan’s hand and damaged his cell phone while leaving the game against Everton in April when he was at Manchester United. 토토 This resulted in him receiving a two match suspension.

This punishment extended to Al-Nasr. There is another problem. Al-Nasr’s quota of foreign players is already full, so readjustment is inevitable. The 8 foreign slots are full, so you have to release one existing player to register Ronaldo. Al Nasr will send Uzbek midfielder Jaloliddin Masharifov.

In the end, after the release work is done, Ronaldo’s player registration is possible, and after that, he must digest the disciplinary action of 2 game suspension. Therefore, Ronaldo’s Al Nasr debut is expected to take a little longer. Ronaldo leisurely applauded his teammate’s goal in the locker room. In fact, he is in no hurry as the contract has already been completed. get the money

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