There are no specific patterns to numbers or a sequence in lotteries or casinos. However, when it comes to betting on trade or sports, you can analyze the recent performance or form. There is some pattern you dig out in sports or the stock market. Despite this, sometimes all it takes to win big is a random guess/shot. If you, however, care to do some study, you can increase your odds of winning, as proven by expert punters from

There are not a lot of online betting tools available in the market. Some tools are secretly guarded and is understandable the reason. Who would want to share their spoils after all?

Let us, however, pick up some popular tools used by gamblers and proven to be effective in increasing the odds of winning.

CardsChat Poker Odds Calculator
If you are new to the world of gambling on poker games in a casino or online, you may employ the trial and error method to understand the game’s intricacies. But with time, you need to be ahead of the game. This is where strategy and a reliable tool come into play. One such is the CardsChat poker odds calculator, which has a visually appealing design and functionality.

This software allows you to create different scenarios; 메이저놀이터 it calculates the chances of your hands against a series of other hands in the form of a snapshot that is easy to understand. This feature helps you make the correct decisions quickly.

While software like the CardsChat poker odds calculator will undoubtedly give you an edge, it also pays to know the terminologies associated with poker games and different hands.

A calculator for poker odds allows gamblers to understand the game faster. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface allows you to devise strategies on any permutation on a poker table to calculate the exact odds.

If you log on to the Rebelbetting website, you’d notice they assure you to turn ‘gambling into investment’ while outsmarting bookmakers at their own game. Although this is a bit pretentious, we found this software interesting. There are two main components in the Rebelbetting website.

Value betting: Touted as the easiest way to make money on sports, it allows punters to bet on overpriced odds to beat bookmakers at their own game. You are assured of a monthly ROI of 30 percent, a proven outcome of 3 percent per bet, and a staggering 1.9 million bets placed by members.
Sure betting: With a process called arbing, punters can bet on all odds, and they are assured of a win every time. This is possible as punters get to bid on all the outcomes. Arbing guarantees consistent profits with elements or risks greatly diminished. Sure betting is the world’s most famous betting service, which 125000 gamblers take advantage of globally.

Punters have various payment options. The cheapest package is €749 for a year.

Betting Metrics
The betting metrics tool has increasingly gained acceptance from users for its features that increase the odds of winning, especially when they bet on a sporting event. The tool enables punters to bet on diverse sporting events on one platform. It allows user to track their bets and analyze bets taking place.

On the homepage of the betting metrics, users get an overview of the bet outcome in the form of a pie chart depicting the percentage of win, loss, half won, half lost, pending, etc. The other important data that punters have immediate access to are the longest winning streak, longest losing streak, average winning odds, and average losing odds.

Trademate Sports
The Trademate Sports betting software runs an algorithm that presents true odds and suggests opportunities to gamblers. Though there is no insight into how the algorithm works, it allows users to track and analyze their bets in the form of useful graphs.

What makes Trademark Sports a delight for punters is its easy user interface and design that is easy to understand even for an amateur punter (while benefiting seasoned punters).

It lists all sports events, and the ‘edges’ it displays to help punters maximize their Estimate Value (EV).

Reliable and efficient software comes with a price and the Trademark sports software costs 400 Euros. But if you consider its long-term use to increase your returns, this is an investment worth making. You can find other useful gambling tools in this page too.