Kangwon FC side striker Yang Hyun-joon, who won the Young Player Award last year by scoring 8 goals and 4 assists in the K-League 1, is experiencing ups and downs in the early stages of this season.

During a game in March, he broke his nose bone in a competition with an opponent and went to the operating table.

However, on the 26th of last month, he wrote his first assist of the season against FC Seoul, and three days later he scored his first goal of the season against Jeonbuk Hyundai.

Yang Hyun-joon, who met with reporters at the National Training Center (NFC) in Paju on the 16th, who was convened by the Asian Games team and was training, said, “I was under a lot of pressure at the beginning of the season, but I try to enjoy it little by little.” I think of him as a player,” he said.

Carrying a heightened sense of anticipation after last year’s big success, he also has the know-how to find ‘calmness’.

Yang Hyun-joon smiled, saying, “I try to immerse myself in the game rather than being conscious of the burden. I’m saying, ‘There’s nothing special’ inside.”

The firm trust of his team’s head coach Choi Yong-soo also gives him great strength.

Yang Hyun-joon hinted, “I tried to work hard in training and games to repay the coach’s trust, so I think he tried to speak positively. Thank you.”

He added, “I have improved my senses while playing the game during the week, but I still feel that I am not good enough,” and he is not satisfied.

Although it is a short convocation for three days, 토토사이트 this Asian Games team training is an opportunity for Yang Hyun-jun to reconfirm his improved condition and to impress coach Hwang Seon-hong.

Yang Hyun-joon said, “We had a meeting on the first day and talked about the basic framework of how to do it in attack and defense, but the coach emphasizes aggressive movement and speed. I am confident in that area, so I think I need to appeal a lot.”

“There are so many good players in the national team, so it’s fun to train together, and I think it’s always an opportunity for my skills,” he said. “I want to improve my skills and show a good appearance in the league.”

Regarding the competition within the national team, he said, “It’s really not easy.” I made up my mind.

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